Design and working principle of fiber laser pipe cutting machine
Author: Guo Hong Laser   Date: 0000-00-00


Fiber laser pipe cutting machine laser processing by computer drawing plate, simple and convenient operation, in the processing of graphics, you can complete any graphics flexible processing.
And can achieve large quantities, high efficiency, high precision processing, cutting process can be completed at a time of multiple steps processing,.
Pipe that can cut a few meters in a minute can be cut faster than other cutting methods.
The following is the working principle of fiber laser pipe cutting machine explained by Guohong Group:

1. Feeder rack: before cutting, the pipes need to be manually hoisted to the loading rack in whole bundles, then manually packaged and dismantled, and placed on the automatic conveyor mechanism of pipes in turn.

2. The pipes are placed on the conveying platform one by one. The pipe conveying device can transfer the pipes to the feeding mechanism one at a time according to the requirements, and automatically supplement and stand by according to the pipes.

3. The feeding mechanism will automatically transfer the pipes in the waiting area to the automatic feeding mechanism according to the signal, and other pipes will automatically fill and move to the material position to ensure continuous operation.

4. The pipe positioning and calibration system shall calibrate and tidy the position of the pipe according to the need (the pipe material shall not be placed beyond the outside of the feeding mechanism);

5. The feeding structure will automatically send the pipe to the machine material (lifting type) using system according to the signal (conveying one pipe at a time);

6. When the feeding mechanism receives the signal of completion, it returns in time. At the same time, A rotates the clamping claw device to move -- clamp -- push it to the rotating disc B according to the signal, and make perfect cutting;

7. Material shelving system can automatically lift up and down according to the distance of A rotary gripper device to avoid collision;

8. When A moves forward to the middle limit position of B's rotating support plate, C's rotating clamping device automatically moves to the right end of B's rotating support plate to continue the perfect cutting of tailings, so as to ensure the overall cutting of the pipe with basically zero tailings;

9. Automatic lifting material receiving system, rise to a considerable degree of rotation 15mm away from the pipe, in the pipe cut off at the same time to catch the workpiece, to avoid the natural fall of the workpiece due to the weight of the pipe, the final cutting point gap is too large, or fall deformation;

10. Automatic lifting receiving system after receiving, automatically drop to a fixed position, at the same time the receiving box tilt, the workpiece then naturally slide to the ground material collection hopper;

11. The feeding mechanism is ready to prepare the material before the cutting of the previous pipe is completed, and is ready to carry out the operation procedure of the next pipe processing;