How to debug and improve the speed and effect of laser cutting machine?
Author: Guo Hong Laser   Date: 0000-00-00

Laser cutting equipment components are more, some parts of the maintenance period is relatively short, laser cutting machine often to maintain. How to debug metal laser cutting machine? How to debug to make it cut faster and better? Need to often maintain, in order to maintain a relatively good operating state of the equipment.


Metal laser cutting machine

Debug laser machine parameters and improve machine cutting speed. Machine parameter setting, cutting process needs to adjust machine parameters step by step, in general, if the machine is not adjusted well, the speed will be affected, or speed, or effect, how to achieve both speed and effect state, We need to debug according to customer materials.


Later with the needs of users, can be adjusted by themselves. When setting parameters, we should pay attention to the following points :1) acceleration is a process of acceleration from the initial speed to the normal cutting when the machine is in production. Similarly, there will be a deceleration process when the cutting is ready to end. Accelerating too low will cause the machine to cut slowly. 2) the initial speed this setting is the speed at which the machine starts. First of all, the initial speed is not as fast as possible, in fact, if the speed is too fast, it may make the machine start jitter very badly.


Adjust machine assembly and improve machine cutting effect. The beam and coupling of the machine will affect the cutting effect of the laser cutting machine if the wire is not locked or if the lock is oblique or loose. Guide rail installation must be parallel, Y shaft guide rail must ensure parallelism, in the laser equipment factory is required to repeatedly debug, to ensure the cutting effect of each equipment out of the factory. If the guide rail is not parallel, the machine will run with resistance.