Teaching of Operation of Laser Cutting Machine
Author: Guo Hong Laser   Date: 2021-01-03

Laser cutting equipment is widely used in various industries, and the operation technicians of the equipment have also become fragrant. In fact, the operation of the cutting equipment looks complicated. When you operate yourself once, the basic steps can be learned almost. Let's learn about the use of cutting equipment.


I. Check the laser cutter before running


1.Check supply voltage;


2.Pay attention to whether the rated voltage of the machine is consistent;


3.Check exhaust pipes to avoid obstructing air convection;


4.Check that there is no foreign body on the machine table;


5.Check and adjust nozzle center;


6.Select suitable lenses to check their integrity and cleanliness;


II. Preparation of the laser cutter before operation


1.Open oxygen valve or nitrogen valve;


2.Open air compressor, mixed gas tank, oxygen tank;


3.Open switchboard box, water-cooled chassis;


4.Open water cooler;


5.Turn on the CNC computer;




1. fixed cutting material;


2. according to cutting plate thickness, parameters adjustment;


3. adjustment focus;


4. cutting head sensor calibration;


5. try cutting material;


6. the first sample, quality inspection;


In the process of operation, observe the cutting parts at any time and anywhere, in case of emergency, make a quick response, press the emergency stop operation button. Do not adjust the cutting head height during processing to avoid scalding. Each cutting of different plates can be the difference in the cutting effect of the focus again. Before cutting each file, reset the program to prevent the last program interference. The reset operation is prohibited when the program is running.