Will the cutting speed of the fiber laser cutting machine affect the quality of the workpiece
Author: Guo Hong Laser   Date: 2021-01-04

How to ensure that the laser cutting machine with high quality effect to cut the plate, Guohong laser small to tell you how to choose the right speed to cut high quality workpiece.


We all know that the power of laser cutting machine will affect the speed of laser equipment cutting board. Under the specified laser power condition, there is a range suitable for their own processing speed. Running too fast will always affect the machining effect and smoothness of the workpiece. So the cutting speed of laser cutting machine will also affect the cutting quality of plate or pipe.


For example, cutting too fast laser beam and material contact time is short, may lead to cutting some areas, passing by, cutting constantly. It will also lead to the plate can not be cut in time, cutting section showing the road, the lower part of the melting point.


If the speed of the laser cutting machine is adjusted slowly, the contact time between the material and the laser beam is increased, which leads to the excessive melting of the cutting plate, and the gap will be widened accordingly, and the cutting part will be rough. And can not obtain the ideal cutting effect. Low cutting efficiency affects production capacity.


How to correctly judge the method of cutting speed in the center? For example, the cutting spark is scattered from top to bottom, the lower part is free of slag, and the cutting surface is stable. Here are two knowledge points to see sparks. If the sparks are crooked, then prove that the speed of your machine is on the fast side. If there is no obvious spark, the cutting speed is too slow, combined with the running state of your laser cutting equipment. Welcome :1563 2735690.