What kind of gas does fiber laser cutter cut metal
Author: Guo Hong Laser   Date: 2021-01-05

Optical fiber laser cutting machine, also known as metal cutting machine, can cut any design graphics on the plate, fast speed, high precision, one-time molding, without the subsequent polishing and grinding of the workpiece. Use range such as kitchen equipment, refrigerator, electrical lamps, building materials, stainless steel elevators and so on. Cutting steel plate only need a data map enough to save cost, visual discharge, close fit, material saving.

Laser cutting stainless steel, the energy released when the beam shines on the surface of the steel plate to make the stainless steel melt breakpoint. For the manufacture of stainless steel sheet as the main component, laser cutting stainless steel is a fast and effective processing method. The cutting gas used in cutting stainless steel is mainly composed of 78% nitrogen. Laser cutting of stainless steel often uses high pressure nitrogen and laser beam coaxial injection to blow away the molten metal so that the cutting surface will not form any oxide. this is a good method, but it is more cost than traditional oxygen cutting. Laser power required for stainless steel cutting compared to low carbon steel And oxygen pressure is high. Compared with low carbon steel, the laser power and oxygen pressure of stainless steel cutting are higher, while stainless steel cutting achieves satisfactory cutting effect, but it is difficult to obtain completely non-stick slag cutting seam.


Alloy steel Most alloy structural steel and alloy tool steel can achieve good cutting quality by laser cutting as long as they are metal. Even some strength materials, as long as the process parameters are properly controlled, straight, non-stick slag cutting edge can be obtained. Although stainless steel cutting achieves satisfactory cutting effect, it is difficult to obtain complete non-stick. One way to replace pure nitrogen is to use filtered workshop compressed air, such as copper, aluminum and its alloys, because of its own characteristics (high reflectivity), laser cutting is not easy to process. pure copper can not be cut by CO2 laser beam because of too high reflectivity. Brass use high Optical power, auxiliary gas using air or oxygen, can be cut thin plate.


At present, aluminum plate laser cutting machine, whether cutting aluminum or cutting other materials, can not process thicker aluminum. The auxiliary gas is mainly used to blow away the molten product from the cutting area, and good cut surface mass can be obtained. For some aluminum alloys, attention should be paid to prevent intergranular microcracks on the slit surface.


Nickel alloy nickel-based alloy also known as alloy, a lot of varieties. Most of them can be oxidized and melted. Pure copper although laser cutting machine can be widely used in the processing of various metal and non-metallic materials. But some materials, specific parameters are cutting speed, laser power, air pressure and so on. because of too high reflectivity, basically can not be cut with CO2 laser beam. Brass uses higher laser power and auxiliary gas uses air or oxygen to cut thin plates.