How to maintain metal laser cutting machine for a long time
Author: Guo Hong Laser   Date: 2021-01-26

The reason for the daily maintenance of metal laser cutting machine, the laser according to the daily monthly and its operation time. We need to make a more detailed maintenance plan for it, as one of the core accessories of laser cutting machine, its importance is self-evident.


Then let's talk about the daily maintenance of laser cutting machine laser, check the laser oil, water, gas leakage, vacuum pump, resonator pneumatic components, pipe joints leakage. Check the oil surface height of the laser vacuum pump, if not enough, need to be added. Check that the cooling water pressure remains between 3.5~5 Bar. Check the temperature of the cooling water, take the temperature of the water required by the selected laser as the best check for the gas used for laser work and the cutting gas: check the cylinder of the laser working gas to check whether the gas mixing unit of the laser has oil and water, if any, clean up in time; check the dry gas of the laser Dry filter, if more than 1/4 color turns red or white, need to be replaced, its normal color is blue.


Laser cutting machine in operation for about 10 days, check the oil surface height of vacuum pump and Rozi pump, if not enough, need to add. Check the chiller filter for impurities. Check the Roots pump oil level. The oil level in the Roots pump gearbox can be seen through the oil window on the end of the gearbox. When the pump is turned off and in cold condition, the oil level should be between 5 mm—0mm of the glass intermediate line and, if necessary, the type of HTCL2100 oil. Check the condensate water level in the compressed air separator (located in the gas source unit). Check the vacuum pump oil level (located below the gas source unit). When the pump is in cold condition, the oil surface should be in the middle line of the oil window  Between 5 mm—0mm, refuel when needed.


According to the running time, the laser cutting machine should be guaranteed. The laser cutting machine is maintained every six months (or after 2000 hours of operation) to check whether there is corrosion in the cooling water pipeline of the laser head, and if so, to deal with or replace the pipeline in time. Check the power tank for oil leakage. Check for damage to high voltage cables. Check and clean the inside of the laser resonator and all lenses, including front window mirror, tail mirror, mirror, etc. After the laser internal lens is cleaned, the laser output mode should be readjusted until the correct mode is reached. Replace vacuum pump oil. Replace Roots pump oil. Tighten everything Screw plug to ensure the air tightness of the Roots pump. There is a white plastic plug on the gas shunt at the outlet of the Roots pump, clean the plug and apply silicone grease to its inner surface. The purpose of this silicone grease is to adsorb and capture the physical impurities in the circulating gas of the laser. (Use silicon-free high vacuum grease only, very thin).


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