How to Improve the Surface Threaded from Large Laser Cutting Machine
Author: Guo Hong Laser   Date: 2021-01-27

Laser cutting opportunities appear a lot of situations, sometimes the workpiece will have a threaded section, such a problem is that the beam may not walk stably, tremble, touch the machine with the hand, feel whether there is jitter. If the table is safe, see if it is gas, such as the air compressor used in cutting, when the pressure is insufficient, it may also occur. That is, penetration is not enough, cutting surface is not good-looking.


  Another situation is that the laser cutting machine at the beginning of cutting work when the cut surface is uneven, with the operation of mechanical equipment, the ripple slowly disappeared, I do not know whether it is a natural phenomenon, to teach this situation.

The X shaft of the optical fiber laser cutting machine (as the saying goes, the beam of the laser cutting machine) is the lead screw drive, and the Y shaft (length motion direction) is the double motor drive gear rack drive. When the Y axis is fed (about 5 mm), the shape cut out of the X axis will appear a quivering wave line, and a short walk forward will disappear. The reason for the analysis should be due to the clearance of gear rack meshing. Inertia causes the two teeth in the rack slot to collide with each other.


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