How to Adjust Laser Cutting Machine
Author: Guo Hong Laser   Date: 2021-01-28

When cutting metal material, the laser cutting machine will appear corrugated section, and eliminating the section stripe is one of the points to improve the quality of laser cutting. The pressure of auxiliary gas flow increases, the longitudinal fringe region increases randomly, the second fringe spacing decreases obviously, the transverse fringe width is larger and the three fringe width decreases gradually. The width of the two stripes remains basically unchanged.


Because of the size of the stripe wavelength, between the shape error and the roughness, the shape of the surface assembly changes, and the roughness is increased, the stress concentration is reduced to cut the precision low and the cutting quality. According to the characteristics of the longitudinal stripes, the longitudinal stripes are divided into two categories. The longitudinal stripes with strong periodicity and regularity are defined as longitudinal second class noodle patterns.


The effect of cutting process on laser power increases, the longitudinal fringe spacing changes randomly, the longitudinal fringe spacing decreases obviously, the transverse fringe interval is gradually large, and the three fringe regions gradually decrease. The construction of the two fringe regions remains basically unchanged.


According to the morphological characteristics and distribution law, the transverse stripes are divided into three regions. The transverse two-cut noodle area (hereinafter referred to as the two-striped area) belongs to the transition area. The transverse stripe area (hereinafter referred to as the three-striped area) is at the bottom of the whole section.


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