Type Selection of Fittings of Fiber-Metal Laser Cutting Machine
Author: Guo Hong Laser   Date: 2021-01-30

The fiber laser cutting machine has good machining precision and high production efficiency, which makes full use of the utilization rate of materials and saves unnecessary waste. Why does the laser cutting machine have such precision performance, to a large extent depends on the design of the key parts of the laser cutting machine, let's talk about the design of the various parts of the laser cutting machine.


A laser cutting machine want to cut thickness, different materials of the plate, first of all to know their ability, work intensity can be "competent ". Then we have to calculate the strength: axial load calculation formula:; F―― cutting force, F=0; rolling friction coefficient on the rolling guide rail. So since the work also has the transmission rate, we talk about the transmission rate of the lead screw here: the transmission efficiency of the ball screw pair is :ψ―― the screw angle of the ball screw ;ρ'―― the equivalent friction angle. In fact, the precision of the guide rail is also very high for the equipment itself, and the precision grade is basically six and seven If the equipment has special requirements, Haiying is improved. The surface treatment of the guide rail needs fine grinding, with a special high precision surface roughness below 0.63. As a member of Guohong laser factory, I see workers grinding every day.


We are talking about the adjustment of each component, the adjustment of the eccentric sleeve of the motor: by rotating the eccentric sleeve, the middle distance of the two gears can be adjusted conveniently, and the motor is installed on the shell through the eccentric sleeve, thus eliminating the clearance of the tooth side. Two flaky gears with the same number of teeth mesh with another wide gear. Because of the action of spring, the two gears are misplaced, which are respectively fastened to the left and right sides of the slot of the wide gear, thus eliminating the clearance of the tooth side. When assembling, we only need to change the thickness of the gasket, make the gear move axially, and adjust the relative position of the two gears in the axial direction to eliminate the clearance of the tooth side. When machining two gears engaged with each other, the indexing cylinder is The surface is made into a conical surface with a small taper, so that the tooth thickness of the gear changes slightly in the axial direction.


Through the above discussion on the design points of the mechanical part of the laser cutting machine, as long as the laser cutting machine is designed according to the above key points, it can be determined that according to the requirements, The desired accuracy can be achieved at the design level.