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Real zero Tailing, super saving tailings


The diameter of round tube: 15mm-220mm

The side length of square tube: 15mm-150mm

High pipe load, the maximum single pipe weight is 300kg

Clamping square tube, round tube, oval tube, flat tube, triangle tube, I-beam, and other materials without pressure



Plate welding bed design


The bed adopts an open-web integral profile welding structure that has been verified and verified by CAE analysis. High temperature annealing and natural aging are used to eliminate welding stress, prevent deformation, reduce vibration, and ensure cutting accuracy

Intelligent Over-heat Adaptation


With the automatic function of adaptation in response to focus and gas pressure, the machine is allowed to cut thick plates stably for a long time.


Aerospace aluminum gantry

The aerospace aluminum is manufactured under aerospace standards. After artificial aging and solution treatment, it is finished. Hardness can reach to T6, and it has the characteristics of good toughness and ductility. 

Light in weight, convenient for high-speed movement during processing, and is highly flexible. It can greatly increase the processing speed when the accuracy is met.



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